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Scarica mp3 jenny sorrenti

  1. Psychedelic and Garage punk music explosion LP
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  3. Скачать все песни Jenny Sorrenti из ВКонтакте и YouTube, всего 40 mp3

SCARICARE MP3 JENNY SORRENTI - Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. Non si vede e c'è. Big Hawk and DSD. Unsubscribe You are no longer. SCARICA MP3 JENNY SORRENTI - Nitzinger - Shifting Sand. Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants. Note legali Il. MP3 JENNY SORRENTI SCARICA - Metallica - Die, Die My Darling. Sorella del celebre Alan Sorrenti, Jenny o Jane, come appariva nei primi dischi è nata da. di Jenny Sorrenti. sono presenti anche 3 brani dall'album di Andrea Volpini. tra i player per file audio compressi in formato MP3 è completamente gratuito.

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Brani dall'incedere epico ed una splendida cover di Sandy Denny: grazie di avermi regalato un fiume di emozioni. Osel non si smentisce mai: documento prezioso.

Corro ad ascoltarlo. Spesso non è che ci preoccupassimo molto di segnare sulla cassetta data e formazione Chiedo venia ,quindi, per le mancanze e le imprecisini Caro alifib, nella tua registrazione il primo brano é completo ed eventualmente puoi condividerlo qui? Ciao e grazie.

The entire production, realized between Italy and United States, by T. Regina Rogers returns on the international scene with a high quality pop product rich in black sonorities, house and elektro, not abandoning using very close to latin-american musical styles, just as the single "My precious love". On July the 12th, the Polish company "Fonografika", anticipating the "Soul Solution" album, which is expected to be ready on the next spring, will launch on the market the single "My precious love".

The Angel love song has been included in two of the most important international compilations, "Dance news n. Regina Rogers presented in Rome two videoclips of her new record project.

Besides three versions of the title track, "Soul Solution", there is also a bonus track, "Stay", which is co-produced by Enrico Zardini. He releases a series of singles in various formats for the American market, and produces songs performed by the American artist Regina Rogers which are used in two important TV fiction programs: "Tutti i sogni del mondo" and "Un papà quasi perfetto" with Michele.

With the name Donna Rogers, he releases the vinyl single "Magik" for Universo s. This paves the way for a great collaboration with the American artist Regina Rogers.

Psychedelic and Garage punk music explosion LP

He again works with Alan Sorrenti, handling a series of management and television strategies. Some of the main acts of "Love Is The Answer" took part in the event. One of the video clips of the project "Love Is The Answer", created by the Italian Health Ministry and under the supervision of Vittorio Storaro, wins prizes at Saint Vincent and New York for its photography, as well as best music for an event.

Project "A Benefit for AIDS Research" Between and , Tony Massarutto builds a partnership with the producer Steve Galante, in order to create the audio-visual project "Love Is The Answer", which is in support of the battle against AIDS: "a Made in Italy project that, maybe for the first time, is supported by prestigious artists coming from different music spheres who only have one aim: to help those who are suffering" from "Il Resto del Carlino" 28th November , Lucio Mazzi. Meanwhile his activities as a producer also start to increase, by establishing a profitable collaboration with Corrado Bacchelli, a successful Italian and international producer.

As a musician and producer he forms a band called "Container" and releases the album "20th Century Man" and the single "Specie di Eroi", work that marks the beginning of his collaboration with Sergio Bardotti.

Meanwhile he works on the composition and production of movie documentaries with director Sandro Spina. Limited Edition copies hand-numbered on gr. The first side hosts the reprint of the now untraceable first official CD of the '94 Vacation House Records ; the second side contains some studio and live unpublished tunes, chosen between a lot of recordings some of them coming from compilation.

Tu sei qui

LP collected all of these out-of-print tracks, and added another half-dozen unreleased songs. All were recorded in lo-tech " degree Garagadelic Stereo".

Real cool covers of legendary 60's Garage Punk mixed with some originals. A very important step in the legendary history of Italian beat. Very LTD edition of copies. Were at the beginning of 90thand M. This is the Punk, boys and girls!

Only 3 singles were issued at the time and a postumous CD published by Mellow in This LP, released with heavy quality sleeves and virgin vinyl pressing, contains some originals of the first period and some covers Le Orme.

A fragment of Italian prog subtracted oblivion of time.

Side one features fine acoustic psychedelic, mantra-esque folk songs interspersed with ambient soundscapee. Between minimalism compositional and lysergic tensions, the album constitutes a gem of psychedelia that does the classics of psychedelia its points of reference and its expressive digit.

Band from Hannover, propose a blend of space rock and acid psych. The MLS are formed on the synthesis of different influences expressive that seem to bring a new Swingin 'London of the third millennium, but well planted among the psychedelic sound late '60 's and early 70's. The album features songs in the studio and live tracks recorded and avails the contribution of Nik Turner ex Hawkwind. Far away from modern life, Van Vliet builded his own universe in words, tunes and sounds. A decade later, the album is available again on vinyl, with a full album side of unreleased recordings from the early 90s.

They wrote all tracks and played all instruments:drums, noise generator, sitar, filter, tape loops, moog and more analog synth. Musicinfluences: Silver Apple,Cluster,Cosmic Jockers for a psychedelic-electronic mantra that will send you into a trance. The result is surprising: a psychedelic charm and a magic visionary who felt for decades.

It was born in Turin in and was created by S. D'Urso and A. No Strange benchmarks included the first Pink Floyd, Brainticket, Soft Machine, and the best groups of Cosmic krautrock, with whom they shared the same sensitivity.

Cristalli Sognanti is a singular and intensive work in which the caleidoscope embroidery between music and lyrics achieves very poetic and lyrical moments.

The track create a modal frame in which the solo singers weave delicate sound textures like slow spirals of incense smoke fading in the air.

The sound is both avant-garde and ancient, primeval as if generated by the early wave motion of the Big Bang. A record out of time, really psychedelic. The tracks are early '70s ,and 8 of them are unpublished. Listening to the album, you can smell the scent, and you can see the colours and the atmosphere of the magic and creative Italian 70's.

Good listening and good curvature of time! It has good a psychedelic attitude in electronic expressive form. It's a missing page but It's the found page of the 70's Italian underground scene.

Скачать все песни Jenny Sorrenti из ВКонтакте и YouTube, всего 40 mp3

A quarter of century after the release of the two volumes of "Eighties Colours" compilation that spotlighted the Italian underground garage, beat and psychedelic scene, 19 bands of that creative period are back to cover songs of other bands of the same season in a kind of cross-tribute. The "Eighties Colours" continue to explode! This LP mixture garage, psychedelic and heavy: Try It! While many bands reproduced Anglo American models, the Aktuala were the first that tried to contaminate different backgrounds and cultures 30 years before the current "melting pot" musical.

Thanks to Aktuala we began to know cultures, music and instruments never known and heard in Italy. The Aktuala bring us to a spicy and coloured trip with sitars, African drums, perfumes and alternative cultural atmospheres. It's pure psychedelia and expansion of the mind. The essential band of the underground and psychedelic scene of the early 70s in Italy,now available in LP.

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